after the sleeping comes the waking up.

This isn’t a joke?

Posted by c. wagner on October 20, 2009

When I saw this over at the JREF blog, I had to read it a couple of times. From anyone else (and even without another source for confirmation), I would have thought it was made up. asks:

Always wanted to talk to Houdini, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain or Michael Jackson? Well, now you can, and via Twitter no less. This Friday (October 30th) Medium Jayne Wallace is hosting the world’s first interactive Twitter Séance aptly titled ‘Twéance’.

You can nominate your favorite dead celebrity via Twitter before Friday and even pass on your questions. On friday morning Jayne will start her ‘Twéance’, not by tweeting the questions (”Hey @JohnLennon! Whazzup!?!?!?!”) but by asking the questions the good old ‘traditional’ psychic way. The replies she will apparently tweet, on @Tweance.

Does anyone think this isn’t a scam? This has to be the lamest attempt at talking to the dead I’ve ever heard about. It’s not even cold reading, which takes serious skill to do well. Anyone could do this ‘Twéance’ crap.

Besides, I’ve cut out the middle-woman. I’m already following Charles Darwin.


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