after the sleeping comes the waking up.

The grandeur of evolved life

Posted by c. wagner on November 10, 2009

One thing that all of my recent reading on science, skepticism, and atheism has given me is a renewed sense of the magic and wonder of life, the universe, and everything. I’ve run up against a number of sentences like this one from Joel Achenbach:

All we know for sure is that a human being is the distillate of four billion years of genetic change. We embody the magnificent patience of chemistry, its ability to plod ahead, atom by atom, molecule by molecule, and gradually bumble its way toward something remarkable. And we take it all for granted. [page 296]

There’s just something … majestic in that. That out of randomness and mindless molecules something as beautiful and remarkable as the world in which we find ourselves came to be. Somehow, it seems even more awe-inspiring to me when you take an intelligent designer out of the picture. If things were just a little different, if things had happened differently, everything might be completely different. We might not even be here to contemplate it.

It’s nothing short of miraculous.


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